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VON Dot Gone?

A sad indictment of what happens when the plug is pulled is pulled on a company without much warning. In the 2 months since it started becoming common knowledge that VON was no more, there have been over 100 mostly sympathetic posts against Om Maliks article on Gigaom. However now the tide has turned as it appears the potential attendees to VONs Amsterdam event were treated less well:

For example, Beate said:

I wonder why nobody from (ex-) Pulver Media was concerned enough to inform the pre-registered visitors that the VON.x Amsterdam would not take place… reveals a telling lack of esteem and an absolutely unfair attitude towards their (ex-) business contacts respectively.

Having flown to Amsterdam, my colleague and I were not very amused to find out right outside the fairgrounds´ doors that the event was cancelled. At least we were not the only ones but met other people from several European countries who got stuck there as well.

VON seemed to have a mostly good following amongst those interested in VoIP in our industry, but if the rumours are true that TICC will try to sell VON to recover [some] of their money - this certainly isn't cultivating good feeling for the future.

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