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I like surfing in my car...

If you think driving while using a mobile phone is pretty dangerous, read on.

In-car WiFi will become a reality next year, with U.S. car manufacturer Chrysler seen unveiling its UConnect Web System for cars later this week, U.K. WiFi specialists BWCS reported today. And according to the analyst firm, Chrysler plans to include the WiFi system into certain models from next year.

The Microsoft-backed system will essentially turn cars into WiFi hotspots, enabling occupants to access the Internet from the dashboard. The service will be provided by mobile phone networks and car owners will be charged a monthly fee for using it.

In theory, the system will allow drivers, as well as passengers, to surf the net while on the road, but to us that just sounds like a Darwin Award waiting to happen... or at least a mention in Total Telecom's weekly Totally Trivial column!

By the way, the Americans aren't the only ones keen to provide drivers with another reason to take their eyes off the road... once the radio's tuned, the kids have been silenced, and you've rescued that wayward piece of Ginsters pasty that was threatening to get lost between the seats, that is.

Germany's BMW has also demo-ed an in-car Internet system, but has not said when it is likely to become commercially available.
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