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Telecom Blogs?

I was looking at the website for this years Webby Awards and found a specific category for Telecommunications.

Focus is clearly consumer and perhaps 'telecom' in the broadest possible sense, but the winners and shortlist makes interesting reading:

Sidekick Wiki a community site for T-Mobiles sidekick handsets

People's Voice Winner
Sony Bravia- clearly one of the more vague definitions of telecom - isn't this a TV?

Boost Mobile RockCorps - still no clearer what this is all about, so you'll have to decide for yourself - but some form of JV with Boost Mobile I think

Nokia Jealous Computers
- spoof to support the Nokia N95 campaign, what computers have become

Nokia Picture Poetry a picture competition for Club Nokia members.

Proof if any is needed that creative marketing is alive and well in this space. Wonder if all the effort was reflected in increased sales??
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