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Thumbs-up to Belgium!

I hate to tempt fate but...

It's day two of Broadband World Forum Europe here in Brussels, and for possibly the first time in living memory, WiFi access at the event is working, and working well. It's a miracle.

In the opening keynote yesterday, Belgacom's Scott Alcott, executive vice president, service delivery engine, promised: "This is broadband country. We are wired." Naturally, the remark was greeted with some scepticism from those of us in the room that had attended this kind of event before. Memories of a frustrating battle with defunct WiFi and having to share a few emergency Ethernet connections between us are still fresh.

But it seems Alcott was right.

And so, the process of creating this year's Broadband World Forum Europe news service was made a lot easier. Don't forget to check it out at
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