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All about choice

Word of the week at Broadband World Forum Europe is without doubt "choice".

Barely a conference presentation has passed without the speaker making some comment about how important it is to offer choice to customers. The obsession with "choice" began with Belgacom CEO Didier Bellens' opening keynote and continued throughout the event.

BT Vision's Richard Young went as far as to suggest his company is all about offering customers "choice and convenience", making it sound rather more like a TV shopping channel than anything else.

Whether it's choice of providers, access method or content, we end-users like to choose, apparently.

Personally, I'm more concerned about whether or not it's reliable, and I'm happy to report that we still have WiFi access in the press room... along with a curious, but well-received selection of miniature desserts and an endless supply of caffeine-based beverages, so thanks to the guys at BCS PR for that.

So, BBWF Europe 2008 in summary:

Content: mostly interesting
Exhibition floor lunches: poor in the extreme
Beer: plentiful (and cherry-flavoured in some cases)
Weather: grey and wet
Jokes about the weather from conference speakers: abundant

If I hear the phrase "welcome to sunny Brussels" one more time I think I might scream...
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