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Total Telecom on LinkedIn

For the last few months we've been building our profile on LinkedIn and now have over 1,100 members of the Total Telecom Professional Network. As you'd expect we're quite picky about who we allow in and as a result we're starting to get some really interesting discussions posted on the new forum area. The most recent are:

- If connectivity is becoming a commodity and value is shifting towards applications and services, who will grab the lion's share of future revenue streams in the "communications" industry? - TTPN members can view this discussion

- What were your biggest hurdles were when you tried to introduce a new service to the portfolio of your company? TTPN members can view this discussion

Our thanks goes out to Konstantinos Apostolatos and Henk Jelt Hoving for starting these discussions... If you'd like to add your views why not join the Total Telecom Professional Network?

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