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Halloween handset launch

Sony Ericsson went all out for the U.K. launch of its W595 handset, with a spooky evening launch ceremony at a haunted London church.

Unfortunately Total Telecom didn't attend the event (our invite must have been lost in the post...), but a spokesperson explained that a woman called Mary once died in the church when she was jilted by her fiance.

"Apparently you summon her by saying 'I do'," said the spokesperson.

"We couldn't find the church on Google Maps, and it didn't show up on our taxi driver's sat nav either," she added.

She said that one of the w595's key features being demonstrated at the launch was a function that enables users to film short video clips, upload them to YouTube, and then notify contacts of their latest cinematic masterpiece via text.

Of course, what with the event being Halloween-themed, people were deliberately scaring their fellow attendees, then uploading the evidence to the Internet - people should be able to watch the videos on a dedicated YouTube site coming soon.
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