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Fantastical Huawei facts

You may have already guessed it, but in case you didn't, I've spent the last week looking round Huawei's Shenzhen headquarters as part of a small group of journalists; interviewing executives and finding out about the company.

What struck me most during the trip, other than the sheer quantity of Chinese food I consumed, was the scale of the vendor's operation. Read on for a few facts you might not find in the annual report:

Huawei as of the end of September employed more than 96,000 people worldwide.

Of those employees, nearly 50% are engaged in research and development.

Around 40,000 workers are based at the the company's Shenzhen headquarters, which covers 1.3 square kilometres, has its own bus service to ferry people between buildings, a hotel, and not surprisingly, a huge staff canteen.

3,000 employees actually live on the site in dedicated living quarters. They have their own shops and bars, and can also take art and music lessons from visiting tutors.

Of course, no corporate campus would be complete without its own university, so Huawei has one of those, plus a separate dedicated facility for executive-level training.

Finally, Huawei is 100% staff-owned. Chief executive Ren Zhengfei owns less than 1% of the company.
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