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Moto not interested in Nortel

Motorola has no plans to acquire assets from Nortel Networks, the U.S. vendor revealed yesterday, as it presented a set of woeful Q4 financials, once again largely due to its underperforming handsets business.

Asked whether he is interested in building scale at Moto's networks business through M&A, or via a deal with troubled Nortel in particular, Motorola co-CEO Greg Brown told analysts on the results call that such a move is not on the cards.

"[We have] no current plans... to lead a consolidation move in that segment," Brown said.

While Moto has a strong cash position, it was never a likely candidate to snap up any of Nortel's constituent parts, having plenty of work to do on its own businesses. The U.S. vendor posted a staggering $3.6 billion Q4 loss yesterday - more on that on Total Telecom.
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