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Why I won't be using my mobile broadband service at MWC

During a brief pit stop on my way home through the frozen wastes of London today, I noticed my mobile phone was on the blink. So I decided to ring Vodafone and enquire when my next upgrade was due. It seems I am long overdue (thanks for the phone call to tell me, Voda!) and I therefore proceeded to select a new handset for the next 24 months. It occurred to me that Mobile World Congress is around the corner, so I asked how much it would cost me to use my mobile broadband service while in Spain.

Imagine my horror when the customer services person told me, somewhat hesitantly, that it would cost me £10 per megabyte.

So that's why I won't be using my mobile broadband service in Barcelona.

UPDATE: It seems Vodafone customer services are not that clear themselves on mobile broadband pricing abroad. A check on the web site and a further call to customer services revealed that the cost is £9.99 a day for up to 50 megabytes within a 24-hour period; each megabyte thereafter would cost you £5. So it's not as bad as I thought, but still bad enough! I'm glad I didn't use it when in Spain!
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