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AT&T leaks details of Apple's upcoming iPhone

A senior source at AT&T has leaked details of a new iPhone which it said is scheduled to be unveiled in June.

According to a blog post on the Boy Genius Report, the new Apple handset may feature higher speed 7.2Mbps HSDPA connectivity, and what it claims will be a faster, more seamless experience, which suggests an updated operating system could be in the offing. The unnamed source said the new iPhone will also feature an application that enables the user to control their home DVR (digital video recorder).

"People should prep for an exciting time this summer," said the source, in the report.

If accurate, it also suggests that punters in the U.S. should stick with AT&T if they want to get their hands on the latest Apple phone.

Meanwhile the Telegraph reported recently that O2 is planning to cut the price of the iPhone in the U.K. to clear out stock to make way for a new version this summer. The report also said that O2 may be about to lose its exclusive rights to sell the iPhone, with Orange tipped to replace it, although the report doesn't cite any sources.

All we're willing to say at this stage is, watch this space...
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