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Google Maps anomalies

A lot of people these days use Google Maps to get them from A to B, as well as other online services such as Multimap and Streetfinder. We've come to rely on them.

So I was somewhat mystified when a completely random road popped up in a section of a route in London. I knew the road shouldn't be there, and it's not listed on any maps. So how did it get there?

If you search a route from or to Islington in London, you might get directed down a street called "Potters Heron Lane". As far as I'm aware there is no such road, and indeed the road down which you are being directed is actually the main Islington thoroughfare known as Upper Street.

Maybe a section of Upper Street is called Potters Heron Lane; maybe Upper Street used to be called Potters Heron Lane! But neither option appears to be the case. It seems to be a mistake. Can someone out there please correct it??
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