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...and on to the next issue of Total Telecom magazine

We're now starting work on the October issue of Total Telecom magazine, and this will also include our annual Global 100 ranking of the top telecoms operators globally. It's a must-have supplement if you want to be able to entertain your friends and family with in-depth facts about operator standings in the world! Seriously, we spend months collating the information that enables us to put this ranking together, so hope you find it a useful read.

Otherwise we've already had huge interest in our planned analyses of next-gen broadband and unified communications in the magazine. Media & Entertainment will focus on online advertising, and the challenges that market is facing in the current climate. The October cover story will provide an analysis of the US mobile services market - a timely and thoroughly interesting topic given recent developments, such as Sprint's acquisition of Virgin Mobile USA and the FCC's planned review of how competitive the market really is.

The issue will be published on 1st October.


Anne Morris,
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