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Motorola to unveil first Android handsets 15 September

Motorola looks set to finally unveil its first batch of Android devices, after a press invitation was sent out by the handset maker bearing the operating system's distinctive green robot logo.

The invitation is to an event in London on 15 September, but beyond that - and the logo pictured on the right - details are scant.

It's no secret that Motorola has been busy working on Android-powered handsets, and it looks like the industry is about get its first look at the raft of new phones aimed at reviving the company's fortunes.

The head of Motorola's mobile devices division and co-CEO Sanjay Jha said during the company's second quarter results presentation in late July that Motorola is planning to launch two Android phones in time for Christmas 2009, with several more planned for the first quarter of 2010.

"Smartphones are the future of this division at least in 2010," he said at the time.

For all intents and purposes Motorola looks like it's betting on a winner.

The smartphone segment is one that is likely to show continued healthy growth in mature mobile markets for the foreseeable future; plus there is a lot of buzz surrounding Google's Android platform and whether it can mount a serious challenge to the likes of Apple, Windows Mobile, RIM and Nokia.

However, this hasn't gone unnoticed, and now PC makers including most recently Dell are looking to smartphones as a possible way of generating fresh revenues at a time when computer sales are sluggish, meaning competition is only going to increase.

So, come 15 September all eyes will be on Motorola to see if it has finally designed a handset that can measure up to the success brought about by the now legendary RAZR.

Will it be make or break for the once mighty Moto? Email to let me know what you think!
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