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Palm Pre to hit UK 30 October?

The Palm Pre looks set to launch in the U.K. on Friday 30 October, if rumblings reported by Palm webOS Blog on Friday are to be believed.

Unnamed sources claimed that managers at O2, which announced in July its exclusive deal to sell the Pre across Europe, have been informed of the handset's upcoming release date.

It is understood that the price plans will be the same for the Pre as they are for the iPhone, which says all you need to know about which segment Palm is going after with its latest phone.

Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that if the rumours turn out to be true, and the Pre's tariffs do match those of the iPhone, then it's likely that O2's exclusive Apple deal is set to end at around the same time.

After all, what better way to grab some attention after your competitors start selling your flagship handset than by offering a choice of dazzling devices on the same price plans?
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