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Mentioning the unmentionable

There are some words you just can't use at a Nokia event... and I'm not talking about the four-letter variety.

But after some verbal dancing, in the end Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann just couldn't help himself.

People with high-end mobile devices are now surfing the Internet as much on the mobile as they do on a fixed-line connection, Obermann told attendees at Nokia World today.

"[And I'm not just talking about] the device whose name I am not allowed to mention here!" he said, raising a titter from the audience.

"It's not just the iPhone," he clarified, just in case anyone at the Stuttgart event had been living under a rock for the past couple of years.

Nokia will struggle to avoid comparisons with Apple's world-conquering handset though. The Finnish vendor announced two new phones today, both in its Comes With Music range. And unveiling the devices, Nokia's Anssi Vanjoki deliberately compared the cost of downloading music on iTunes with Nokia's unlimited music download service. More info on those new phones on Total Telecom.
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