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Sony Ericsson lifts lid on Xperia X2

Sony Ericsson on Wednesday unveiled the second in its line of Xperia handsets, the X2, aimed at the growing 'prosumer' market.As with the X1, Sony Ericsson is powering its latest smartphone with a specially designed user interface running on Windows Mobile, which enables users to customise various screens (or panels, if you're Sony Ericsson) with their own shortcuts and applications.

Unlike its predecessor, however, the X2 will be running on the latest version of Microsoft's mobile OS - Windows Mobile 6.5. Microsoft announced on Tuesday that the first phones to feature said software will be available from 6 October, so we'll be keeping an eye out for an operator announcement over the coming weeks.

Sony Ericsson has stuck with a touchscreen interface complemented by a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and is pitching the X2 more towards the business user, rather than the segment that will only use it watch YouTube in the pub.

Unfortunately, there is someone missing from the Xperia X2: Johnny X. When the X1 came out we were treated to a diabolically cheesy, Web-based tale of a man with amnesia who relies on his rather snazzy handset to regain his memory, find his wife, and save a professional baseball player from some gangsters.
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