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Comes with...zzzzzz

This posting comes with a warning: it's a bit Mac-biased.

I admit it: I am a total Mac-oholic. I love the things. I have two MacBooks, three iPods, and when my UK mobile service provider starts selling the iPhone you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be leaping on that bandwagon too.

I even have an iMac at work - no mean feat in the face of deep resistance from a fiercely PC-oriented IT department.

The problem with my Mac habit is that upon receipt of a new Nokia X6 handset, complete with Comes with Music, the only word that can be used to describe my efforts to trial the music service is "feeble". I had a go: I went to the Comes with Music store, clicked, entered, etc. But when requested to provide a PIN that apparently was on some pamphlet that came with the phone (it was??), I was overwhelmed by total ennui and found I could proceed no further.

The problem is, to me it seems pointless to trial/use a music service when I already have access to iTunes - access that was achieved so effortlessly that I barely remember how I achieved it. I can listen to music on all my chosen music devices; I can watch videos; I can synch at ease; I know how to find music and I know it will work on all my devices. I don't particularly want music on my phone. I don't mind paying for music per track.

I am obviously not the right target market. But I just can't see the point of Comes with Music and the like. For Nokia, which wants to turn itself into an Internet services company, such services are crucial to its strategy. But is it trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted?

Aside from my pathetic Comes with Music efforts, I do like the X6: it's got a nice touchscreen user interface that seems pretty responsive; I can get easy access to my Gmail; texts are easy to write. The date and time is a bit annoying though - doesn't seem to automatically update the time when you switch time zones. I probably just need to RTM.... zzz
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