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Vodafone pitching iPhone 3GS to business users

Vodafone is touting the iPhone 3GS to its business customers as it looks to get the most out of Apple's coveted handset.

Despite being generally seen as a consumer device, albeit a high-end one, Vodafone business customers last week received a tantalising email about the iPhone's imminent availability.

As yet there are no details on the exact launch date, but since Vodafone revealed it will be selling the Apple device from early 2010, we're guessing its business customers can expect to get their grubby mitts on one at around the same time.

Sales-wise the operator will certainly have some catching up to do, given that the iPhone won't be on its shelves until after Christmas; that and rival Orange - which announced a U.K. iPhone deal a day earlier than Vodafone - has been selling the handset since November.

Of course, there's also the small matter of O2, which is currently offering its iPhone customers three months of free access to Sky Mobile TV.

So, will Vodafone be able to convince IT managers that the iPhone is worthy of the workplace? Or will we just hear tales of high-level business meetings being rudely interrupted by the latest fart app? I guess we'll find out.
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