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Apple's new iPhone launch almost didn't happen

Despite our outrageous prediction that Apple would hold off on announcing a new iPhone on Monday, we'd be lying if we said we were surprised when Steve Jobs produced a sleek-looking new smartphone familiar to anyone whose read Gizmodo in the last couple of months.

However, the iPhone 4 launch didn't go exactly to plan - not for any of the reasons we'd suggested, but because the sheer number of fanbois live-blogging the presentation from Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) swallowed up all the WiFi capacity.

"You know you could help me out if you're on WiFi," said Jobs, as reported by TheAppleBlog, live from WWDC.

He struggled to demonstrate a New York Times app, and later bemoaned his laggy video call.

"Jobs is complaining about people not turning off WiFi, as though he were our mother," said TheAppleBlog.

"I think bloggers have a right to blog, but if you want to see the demos, we're not going to be able to do it," Jobs said.

Of course, bloggers who blog about prototype iPhones tend to have their homes raided by police, as Gizmodo editor Jason Chen discovered.

Nevertheless the world has a new iPhone, and we're now girding our loins in preparation for the volume of ensuing coverage that one handset is capable of generating.
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