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World Cup fever

After months, nay, years of build-up, the World Cup finally kicks off today, and while the planet's football lovers focus on South Africa, some telecom companies have sought to make the most out of the excitement any which way they can.

Translated that means so far I've received more than 50 World Cup-related announcements.

Some are from companies announcing special World Cup-themed offers and services, while others are providing comment on the various effects the World Cup will have on things like mobile Internet browsing, the number of texts being sent etc.

There have also been a few doomsayers predicting that both fixed and mobile networks will struggle to cope with the demand - and of course we're looking forward to receiving several press releases immediately after the World Cup about how [insert telco]'s network/service/platform coped brilliantly with unprecedented demand during this summer's football extravaganza.

One plucky press release even predicted that the World Cup will drive mobile TV usage - something's got to, I suppose.
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