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Duvet Days: is the #video solution under your Qwilt?

Image Credit Graur Codrin 
"I don't give a monkey's about your problems" was the quote from the audience at one of the Breakfast with Total Telecom events we hosted earlier in the year. He was of course referring to the economics of delivering content, a model that according to Michael Howard of Infonetics is "doomed to unprofitability" if it continues down the current path (see: Analyst Viewpoint).

It is of course a popular view that few would argue with, but it is not necessarily an unassailable position. Certainly Gerd Leonhard of The Futures Agency feels strongly enough to dedicate part of his Total Telecom World presentation to the theme "What are the opportunities for making money around content?", but actually the answer could lie closer to home.

Indeed it sounds as though ex Cisco executive Alon Maor has found the solution at the bottom of his bed! His company Qwilt is reported by Forbes to have a solution that  shares the wealth along the value chain of carriers, CDN's and content providers, whilst all the time enabling consumers to enjoy a better service from their favourite sites, such as Hulu and YouTube.

So will it work and will it get beyond the trial stage? Who knows. Let's sleep on it.
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