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Keep taking the #tablets

In the October issue of Total Telecom+, Nick Wood has taken a look at the world of tablet computing and how operators need to prove they are more than a bit part player in this arena.

It's an important battle because the electronics retailers are already making this market their own, not only offering the advantage of tablets without contracts, but also great variety. In the UK for example, Best Buy current offer a choice of 17 tablets whilst Vodafone's shop offers just the iPad and Samsung GALAXY.

However arguably the biggest challenge is the opportunity cost of not convincing the consumer. The operator is not seen as the default choice for tablets because the network contract is not essential. The FT recently reported that Apple currently generates almost 3/4 of tablet sales in the UK, but the majority of these use wi-fi and not 3G. That's already an issue, but a recent study by Intel predicts that by 2020 there will be 31 billion connected devices worldwide.

Just think of the boardroom tears if operators aren't getting their fair share of this...

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