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Why #marketing matters to #telecom

Why do we have a brand expert on the speaker list for Total Telecom World? Here's why. The speaker in question is David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance, the company that compiles our annual Brand Ranking for the telecom industry

But there is a deeper reason than the simple partnership; brand and marketing has an incredible impact on the telecom industry, it impacts the value of the companies involved and dictates how credible their propositions to the market are.

No company demonstrates this more clearly than the current predicament now faced by the one-time untouchable brand of Research in Motion (RIM). Their plight has been well documented over the last few months, but is epitomised not by a telecom commentator, but by a marketeer, the acclaimed Mark Ritson writing in Marketing Week. His article "Nothing smart about RIM’s aimless strategy" demonstrates the perils for telecoms of ignoring marketing and brand.

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