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Top 10 #Telecom Downloads of 2011

We all love rankings, don't we, so it seemed a good idea to end 2011 with another, this time the Top Telecom Downloads of 2011.

Downloads with Total Telecom mean white papers and other special reports and documents that we've hosted for you to download from our website, providing a wealth of valuable information, so there are bound to be some here that you would benefit from. The list below are the Top 10 most popular downloads of 2011:

  1. Global 100 Operators 2011 (annual report from Total Telecom)
  2. Global 100 Operators 2010 (annual report from Total Telecom)
  3. Beyond MPLS: Enabling Cloud-Ready Networks (White Paper from Ipanema Technologies)
  4. Carrier Ethernet Basics (White Paper from EXFO)
  5. Telecoms Reinvention: Death Of The Traditional Telco (White Paper from ATG)
  6. Smart Mobile Networks, Not Dumb Pipes (Customer Magazine from Tellabs)
  7. Five myths of cloud computing (White Paper from HP)
  8. Seizing The Opportunity In Mobile Broadband (White Paper from Acision)
  9. Next-Gen PON: Sardana merges metro & access networks (Customer Magazine from Tellabs)
  10. Best Practice to Stay Ahead of Communication Industry Standards (White Paper from Progress Software)

This list has been compiled based on the data captured by our Nielsen NetRatings online measurement tool, a fantastic analytical tool, that not only tells us who read what, but is also audited by the BPA, meaning you don't have to take our word for it (we're the only website in the telco sector to do this).

So does the list throw up any surprises? Probably not. Any cheating? No, not unless you count the omission of our media pack from the list - wow a lot of people like reading what we're planning!

Why not check out other White Papers yourself by visiting or speak to us about hosting your own.

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