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The Year of the Device

It's official, 2011 has been the year of the #device. Apple, Android, HTC, iPad, iPhone, iOS, even dare we say Nokia have all been prevalent buzz words amongst news stories this year, with the most read story of the year being "Rumour mill in overdrive pending iPad 2 launch"

So it's no surprise then that we've added some great analysis to the mix through Total Telecom+. So in case you've missed out during the year, check out the following issues:

October issue - Tablets: No cure-all

Mobile operators are looking to tablets as an area of future growth, but in the face of stiff competition they will need to prove they can add value for users.

November issue - Bring Your Own Device
Mobile operators show BYOD is on their agenda as enterprises deal with the risks associated with employee-owned tablets and smartphones.

December - January issue - Dangerous Duopoly

Vodafone keen to see more competition in the mobile OS space, but analysts and
handset makers believe the battle is already over.

and Augmented Reality: Real world view. Mobile operators are starting to find their feet in a new market segment, but the places in the value chain are still up for grabs.

These links are all to simple PDF downloads, but you can also read these on you mobile DEVICE (Android or iOS) or online

Of course there's no sign of device fever ending any time soon, so why not keep up to date by following Our Devices RSS feed

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