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650,001 Apps in the iPhone App Store

OK, OK this might not be entirely true, but reports there to be 650,000 apps in the App Store as of June 2012 and with the launch today of the Total Telecom news app, that makes 650,001...

But we hear you shout Total Telecom already has an app, and so we do, but this is different. We've had since March 2011 a dedicated app for our Total Telecom+ analysis publication, and now well over 4,000 of you have downloaded this, but we didn't have an app for Total Telecom news.

Total Telecom News App
All that changes today with the launch of the shiny new Total Telecom news app. This offers , for free, a whole range of features, including:
  • The latest news from Total Telecom online, delivered into topic specific sections, including: Mobility, Networks and Business, as well the latest Press Releases and White Papers.
  • Updates from the @totaltelecom Twitter feed, which has almost 10,000 followers
  • Access to our main LinkedIn group, where you can network with around 20,000 of your peers
  • Video from Total TeleVision
In addition there a whole raft of other features which we will be 'growing' into, including some networking tools that you'll be able to utilise when you attend one of our events, such as:
  • Finance Summit
  • Total Telecom World
  • Customer Experience Summit

We hope you'll find the new app useful, not least because it will enable you to keep up with the latest news from Total Telecom when you are not online. So download it now!

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