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Good news for hackers - security is just 3.4% of telco IT budget #FutureSecurity

According to the Global State of Information Security® Survey 2014, published by PwC, average telco info security budgets rose 35% last year over 2012, and whilst this shows a clear commitment from the industry to taking security seriously, it is still only a pitiful 3.4% of total IT spending.

Considering the report also illustrates quite clearly that security incidents happen across the network and outside of the network (see the breadth of stories covered by Total Telecom), it is clear that it's about time for the telecom industry to treat security with the commitment it deserves, addressing all aspects of security and risk in a single discussion as part of one issue.

If you are concerned with securing the digital future, come and talk to Total Telecom about the Future Security Summit: 

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