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WCA Winner's Report: Ciena - The Innovation Award 2013

In the build up to the opening of this year's World Communication Awards. We've been speaking to last year's winners to get the inside track about their winning entry. Follow our series of 'Winner's Reports' over the next few weeks.

Next up: Ciena (GeoMesh) - The Innovation Award 2013

Please summarise your winning entry

Ciena’s GeoMesh leverages multiple industry-leading technologies with field-proven pedigrees for robustness and reliability in the areas of optical transport and switching intelligence into a seamless global network solution that addresses current and future global connectivity needs. GeoMesh simplifies the PoP-to-PoP transport layer by leveraging coherent transmission and ROADM-based Optical Bypass, while adding service intelligence and the robustness of an intelligent switching layer, governed by the OneConnect control plane. This unique combination of industry-leading technologies yields global networking solutions that unite submarine and terrestrial networks like never before. For the first time, networks operators can significantly simplify their global network designs overland and undersea, increase network capacity via simple 100 Gb/s channel upgrades, and bolster network resilience, even in the face of inevitable natural and manmade network faults. GeoMesh epitomizes the convergence of submarine and terrestrial network technologies, yielding previously impossible economies of scale across the entire network. GeoMesh has removed the technological barriers that once forced global network operators to design two network types, submarine and terrestrial, and then inefficiently hand off traffic between the two network types. GeoMesh allows network operators for the first time ever to design and build networks that span upwards of 10,000km and even longer, using a common set of technologies operating at 100G rates.

How do you feel your product or service differentiates from its competitors?

The three building block technologies that comprise GeoMesh are all revolutionary technology innovations in their own right. However, what makes GeoMesh truly unique, and provides so numerous coveted benefits to the many tier 1 network operators who have rapidly adopted these technologies, is when they are combined into a single GeoMesh network solution. It is the combined industry-leading hardware and software innovations that make GeoMesh revolutionary and thus unique in the industry with no equivalent offerings from any other network vendor.

What further innovations do you see in the area of your entry in 2014 and beyond?

A significant and growing portion of traffic carried over both submarine and terrestrial networks is cloud computing traffic flowing between large data centers. Now that GeoMesh has successfully united submarine and terrestrial networks to the benefit of both service provider and end users alike, the next targeted innovation is to integrate dynamic bandwidth-on-demand capabilities that maximize end-to-end bandwidth utilization, while enabling innovative new services that differentiate on attributes other than just price. Looking further into the future, SDN and NFV are also additions to the GeoMesh solution that are being investigated.

Want to enter the awards this year? Entries open on May 7th. Keep an eye on the website for further information -
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