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Download 'Why is network management important today?' eBook

This July we’ll be bringing together the speakers included in this eBook along with other leaders in the sector to discuss Network Management. The conference provides the unique opportunity for those involved in the management of the network to discuss it as a convergent and interrelated issue. By bringing the industry together, the show will allow for discussion with peers, an opportunity to learn about the problems on the horizon (how best to deal with them) and opportunities to network with solutions providers.

Network management is essential to enhancing user experience and quality of service, generating profit for operators, enabling quick launch of new services, and ensuring growth, we aim to enable the much-needed dialogue to facilitate improvements in these areas.

Ahead of the Network Management Show 2014, we've been interviewing our speakers to get their views on the hot topics.

Speakers include:
  • Sami Susiaho, Head of Edge Technologies, BSkyB
  • Douglas Loewe, Managing Director, Interxion
  • Andrew Lippett, Senior Consultant, STC
  • Dan Pitt, Executive Director, Open Networking Foundation
  • Madhusudhan Mysor, Chief Network Officer, Tata Communications

Take a look at our speaker’s responses by downloading the eBook here >

I hope you find this eBook interesting and enjoyable.
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