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4 things to think about when it comes to IPX

During our research for the IPX Summit 2014, I've come across many questions, and thinking points with regard to IPX. I thought it would be useful to put them together in a post for you all. Below are 4 things to think about when it comes to IPX...

#1: What is IPX?
  • IPX stands for IP eXchange, and is a means of connecting IP services between mobile and fixed networks and service providers through a secure, reliable band controlled platform. In an increasingly demanding world, where customers are becoming more attached to their phones and more dependent on the internet, IPX has the ability to allow for mobile operators to provide a high level roaming experience . . .leaving customers to wander to their hearts content, without the fear of not being able to instagram whatever delicious treat they may be indulging in that given day, or checking in on facebook (to the chagrin of their friends)
  • IPX is a private single port, allowing services such as voice, video and data roaming to travel along the same line. It can also identify what is the most urgent traffic that needs to be transferred, allowing for prioritisation of services. Conversations over football scores or catch ups on the weekends goings-on, can continue over a line where not a minuit detail can be missed.
  • A technical description of IPX: Things that best describe an IPX Platform: An easy way to deploy end-to-end IP on common standards (41.5%), A cost reduction measure (21.5%), amends of ensuring service quality (22.5%), A route to 4G (14%), All of the above (51%). (All results subject to 2011 report by TelecomAsia)
#2: Services over IPX
  • One thing that should be clarified is that you don’t buy IPX, you buy IPX services, things such as LTE Roaming, Content, Roam Content, Email, Video and Voice
  • For example, through IPX, enterprises that work on an international scale, could use HD videoconferencing that really starts to look and sound better- creating a far more realistic experience
  • While many mobile operators are concerned about the increasing role that OTT’s are playing within their sector (we all saw WhatsApp’s stratospheric update), IPX looks forward to providing an alternative service that Mobile operators could invest in that could stand up to the big bad wolves of Over the Top Players. IPX could allow for Rich communication Suites (RCS), allowing for talking, texting, filming, watching and sharing all at the same time, without having to download a specific app. Often called a generation of spoilt over-sharers, there is an undoubtable demand for our phone to do so much more, this demand will require IPX to meet.
#3: 4G roaming and LTE roaming
  • This year’s hot topic (one that even Mr. Kevin Bacon addresses in the ever- delightful EE commercials) is something that many individuals are interested in speaking about.
  • As the aforementioned spoilt generation want more, mobile operators are desperate to keep feeding their demand and it seems that this seasons must have is the ability to access the internet absolutely anywhere.  IPX was designed for 4G roaming and date, so when 4G goes global and traffic rates soar, IPX will be able to support a user’s home experience even no matter where their customer may have ended up
  • With the update from the European Commission voting against roaming fees, many questions have thus been raised many people are keen to see how this will then affect roaming usage, and will it be enough to break everyone’s holiday habit of just turning data off
#4: What do mobile operators want from IPX?
  • Many of the IPX providers are waiting with bated breather for mobile operators to come on board, and so the question on everyone’s lips is when will mobile operators be ready, and what can we to do propel their migration to an IP Network. With many ambiguities within areas such as business models, and mobile operators being quite content with the way things are, mobile operators are looking for the big reason to jump aboard the bandwagon – LTE roaming is certainly proving to be a contender as the main reason for mobile operators to come on board. 
  • Mobile Operators are on the lookout for new innovative value services (such as RCS) and beyond. While there are certainly mobile operators that have bought into an IPX provider, all eyes are now looking forward as to where they are going with it?
  • With Asia being faster, in terms of LTE roaming, one can questions if the West will take a similar approach to implementing LTE roll out.
We'll be hosting the IPX Summit 2014 on 24-25 September in London. To find out more about being involved, or attending, please contact Camela Cuison on or +44 (0)207 608 7042.
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