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16 fantastic presenters... can you put them in the right order?

Over at Total Telecom Towers we've been reminiscing about great and not so great presenters of the
World Communication Awards, and with much scratching of heads we came up with 15 fine examples of the breed (that's the awards hosting breed), but try as we might, we couldn't figure out number 16. In the end, just as we were about to 'Ask the audience' I came across it, but would you have remembered?

So just for fun - can you put the correct presenter with the correct year.

Before Christmas, we set this up as a survey to see how many people could get all the presenters in the right order, and amazingly no one did, it was that 1999 presenters that got everyone...

So to put you out of your misery, here's the answers, in the form of an infographic - you can view a larger version on Total Telecom

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