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Find out why copper is leading the way in telecoms

Earlier this year, we repositioned our Viewpoints section as the Knowledge Network, giving the articles greater prominence in our newsletter and on the website, and readership has gone through the roof.

But what is really interesting is to see what you read most 2014, and both number 1 and number 12 are about copper - guess that explains why we've launched Gigabit Copper for 2015!

So if you haven't read all of these articles, they make great Christmas reading...

Here in order of popularity are the top dozen viewpoints from 2014:

Leading the way, the most popular viewpoint of 2014

Revolutionising copper to relieve the backhaul bottleneck

Published in October, by Stephen Cooke, CTO, Genesis Technical Systems - this Knowledge Network article generated more than 4 times the average readership. Read it here

    And here's the rest...

    Where Should You Focus Investment in Your Projects? Insight provided by Juniper Networks
      Building a cloud to drive transformation of traditional enterprises and industries - Huawei
        Enabling Business and Operations Excellence for a Better Connected World - Huawei
          Of course, not all viewpoints have to be written, and Changing Customer Expectations are driven by blurring borders between mobile and fixed & voice and data was a video interview conducted with EE's Mansoor Hanif, Director of RAN Development and Programmes at the Total Telecom IPX Summit in September.
            Pre-dating our Knoweledge Network branding, Nitin Bhandari of Skyfire none the less wrote a compelling article, ranking high without even the extra promotion that more recent viewpoints enjoyed! Mobile video: give your network a sporting chance
              Transparency is the key to drastically cut network operators' $15bn annual outage revenue loss by SpatialBuzz
                Another great video interview from the IPX Summit, Get IP & TDM on equal footing and IPX will take off featuring Dan Warren, Senior Director of Technology at the GSMA
                  The UK's SmartCity Revolution sees CityFibre's Mark Collins speak with Total Telecom
                    At number 10, Telstra give their view on Expanding Business into Asia: Why It’s Important and How to be Strategic
                      An insight into the Wifi-Offload technology and lab testing solutions is another slightly different format, being delivered as a webinar featuring Anritsu's Fran├žois Ortolan
                        And last, but not least in the top 12, another appearance for copper! forward to copper and fibre harmony, Ronan Kelly of Adtran

                        If you are interested in what Adtran and CityFibre are saying, both will be speaking at Total Telecom events in 2015. Adtran are sponsors of Gigabit Copper (Munich, March 2015) and CityFibre are speaking at Connected Britain (June, London) 

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