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The Future of Communications #OTT

What's the future of communications? That's the central question that will be posed by the second annual Total Telecom World summit in November, and instead of the usual raft of companies hypothesising on what it might be, we're going to show you.

This year our theme is the Disruption Eruption and we're are bringing together a line up of speakers that are actually challenging the status quo and who will change the face of the global communications industry.

The one day conference ahead of the 2012 World Communication Awards will examine key issues including:

  • How OTT players are disrupting the market
  • Operator Business Models
  • What will the successful operator of the future look like
  • Capitalising on big data and more
In an increasingly competitive market, it's time for the telco's to think out of the box, and our aim with Total Telecom World is to show what life outside the box looks.

To top the day off, the 14th annual World Communication Awards will take place in a different part of the same venue (Lancaster Hotel, London). Bringing together up to 600 of the most senior executives in the industry, there's clearly no group better qualified to discuss the future of communications!

DISRUPTIVE NOTES: Camille Mendler of Ovum recently picked up on a similar theme with her post "Telcos: Want to fight OTT?" - drawing an interesting parallel of disruption that telecom operators should be interested in. In this case we're seeing French rail operator SNCF launching bus services between Paris and London to compete with the low cost air carriers and the like. SNCF is of course now headed by Barbara Dalibard (ex-Orange BS) so their experiences should perhaps be especially pertinent to the telecoms industry.

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