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Don't miss a thing with custom #telecom news

RSS is old tech, right? Well yes, but it's still a great way to take customised content from Total Telecom and integrate it into a personal news feed or to feed it into a social network tool, it's also really easy to do from Total Telecom Search

To get you started, here's some we created earlier...

RSS feed of AT&T news
RSS feed of BT news
RSS feed of Orange news
RSS feed of BT news

RSS feed of Alcatel-Lucent news
RSS feed of Ericsson news
RSS feed of Huawei news

RSS feed for China
RSS feed for India

Of course you might not be interested in any of these options, but might for example be really interested in Google, here's how you set it up:

1. Type Google into the SEARCH BOX on the homepage (or alongside any article)

2. Click on the "This search as RSS" link above the filters (add in any filters at this stage if you wish)

3. Hey presto, there's your RSS feed with a dedicated URL in the address box

Try it out, it's a great way of getting the news you want as it's published.
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